What we do


Flowers are our specialty.

Florist in Libourne for over 10 years, our renowned bouquets and floral decorations accompany all the most beautiful events, highlight teh most beautiful tables and decorate the most beautiful homes in the region.


Decoration is our passion.

It is the basis of all our floral arrangements. We apply our art school experience and skills to floral arrangements for your special events as well as on a long term basis for luxury hotels, businesses and private homes.


In addition to our permanent staff, and in order to offer a full service, we work with some of the best specialists in lighting and event organizers…


Being gourmets too, we can also give the names of good caterers…


17, rue Montesquieu - 33500 LIBOURNE
Tél. : 05 57 25 97 67 - Fax : 05 57 25 29 90